Asia Reinsurance Brokers is committed innovative highly motivated in providing the best services to clients across all industries – whether they are from the insurance sector, financial institutions, telecommunication companies, real estate, etc.

Crafting and delivering reliable concepts and long term solutions to our clients around the region has bought us levels of trust and market credibility.

Who We Are

Asia Reinsurance Brokers (ARB) is an independent broker who specialises in reinsurance, insurance risk solutions, risk management mitigation, analytics and cyber risk management. As a trusted service provider in Asia, ARB has been an unrivalled brand servicing its clients exceptionally – bespoke to clients’ requirements.

Founded in 2000, headquartered in Asia’s regional hub – Singapore.
Limited Liability Company licensed by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).



  • Knowledge
    We know Asia well. We respect regional culture and regulators policies (their changing conditions and requirements). We have reputable and decisive staff on-board, who are locals, to support the local market with dedication.

  • Independence
    We act in our clients’ best interests with unbiased advice and total commitment.

  • Experience
    We have decades of business experience. Through our identity, we have the support of all major reinsurers, who value the benefit of the independent professional approach we deliver to our clients and business partners.

  • Agility
    We prioritise our clients and serve them with speed of engagement. We believe every client is important and deserves quality.

  • Innovative
    We offer in-house analytical capabilities.

  • Claims Handling
    We deliver proof of exceptional service capability ingrained in our culture.

  • Training
    We are devoted to invest in the future of our clients through steadfast development of its key staff.