ARB welcome, B.P. Marsh and Partners PLC
On Thursday 21st April 2016 it was announced that an international private equity investment specialist, B.P. Marsh & Partners PLC has invested (20%) in Asia Reinsurance Brokers (ARB) with an option for a further 5%.

We see this as very positive news for ARB, our clients and our markets for a number of reasons:
  1. The knowledge, that ARB's past and future business plans are backed by a well known international insurance investor. (B.P. Marsh is publicly listed on the UK AIM Board where its shares are traded).

  2. B.P. Marsh have invested substantial sums of money in ARB to enable ARB to continue to grow in the region in pursuit of its core objectives.

  3. Besides future acquisitions the investment will enable ARB to further develop its analytical and consultancy skill base for the benefit of its trusted clients and markets.

  4. B.P. Marsh also offer ARB an introduction to their family in international insurance markets and a greater focus on corporate governance.

  5. The commitment gives us pride and confidence, especially as B.P. Marsh have a successful track record of cautious investment.
Lastly this is a meaningful endorsement to our clients that ARB is a long term professional business and a timely boost as our industry faces uncertainties, that ARB is indeed your selective 'go to' reinsurance broker in Asia.