- Catastrophe Excess of Loss
- Risk Excess of Loss
- Proportional Reinsurance
- Financial Reinsurance
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- Property All Risks, Business
- Engineering, Construction
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- Proportional and Non
   Proportional Treaty
   design and negotiation
- Affinity Group Schemes
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Trade & Financial
- Liability Insurance
- Professional Indemnity
- Product Liability Insurance
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Who We Are   Into the 2nd Decade

Founded in 2000 we were rebranded Asia Reinsurance Brokers (ARB) in April 2008.

We are an independent specialist reinsurance and insurance risk solutions provider.

Delivering reliable intellectually crafted concepts and long term solutions to our clients around the region has brought us levels of trust and market credibility unrivalled by our competitors. Read more


In Asia age is counted differently, determined by the year we are in rather than counting the time that has passed. At ARB our thinking is current and we are forward looking. In the coming years we will continue enhancing our ability and expertise to meet your needs and deal with the challenges you face. We will continue to push forward, delivering quality solutions to set you apart. We look forward to making the journey with you.