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Eric Low
Phone: (65) 6538 7818
Email: eric.low@arbrokers.asia

Eric Low has more than 40 years of experience in General and Reinsurance industry. He established two Reinsurance Underwriting Companies and one Reinsurance Broking Company and led the integration of OAC and Great Eastern Life.

In 2005, he joined Cisco Security as their General Manager before being a consultant for BMS Reinsurance Brokers. He then joined Asia Reinsurance Brokers (ARB) as Director since 2007.

Eric is quality-driven, strategic and a well organized leader, noted for championing significant process performance improvements. He is a core executive team member and driver charged with improving brand equity and bottom line improvements with a strong cross-functional management background.
Eric believes that the key to survival and success is threefold. Firstly, having the passion to serve. Secondly, willing to take up the challenge. Thirdly, to have perseverance for love is kind, patience and does not insist in its own way.
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Eric Low
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