About Us   What sets us apart from our competitors
ARB's intimate Knowledge of regional cultures, local markets, regulations and their changing conditions and needs.

ARB's Independence means we are free to act in our clients' best interest with unbiased advice and total commitment.

ARB's Quality. The experience, passion and dedication of ARB's professionals to out perform our competitors 24/7.

ARB's Agility allows us to offer speed of engagement. Every client is important.

ARB's Innovative inhouse analytical tools offer:

  • Confidence and reliability
  • A proven track record of success
  • A clear vision for innovation and change
  • A platform to derive increased profitability from existing portfolios

ARB's Integrity and exceptional claims handling combined with the expertise of our servicing teams is deeply ingrained in our culture.

ARB's ability to offer the Service of a 'free market trading environment'.

ARB's ability to clearly communicate our Asian clients' Risk Transfer requirements to International markets.

ARB's ability to scour International markets for the best coverage, price and solutions for our clients without the internal trading restrictions that are inherent within our major competitors.

ARB's ability to engage expert actuarial analysis (DFA) and exposure modelling services from Independent Third Party providers.

ARB's fundamental belief and dedication to investment in the Training and Development of our clients' key staff.

The Management Team
Richard Austen
Chief Executive Officer
Goh Thian Leong
Managing Director
Mark Foster
Tow, Valerie
Chief Financial Officer
Michael Seward
Roy Sharma
Eric Low
Wilfrido Bantayan
Regional Development